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Powerful, economical and environmentally friendly energy - one of the resources that are highly desired today. We have created Umka, a unique accumulator for electric energy based on lithium-titanate technology, which reveals additional areas of growth for your business. This can be achieved through savings on the maintenance costs and through intelligent BMS that enables the use of Umka in automated industries.

Release at CeMAT 2016:
Umka - a new generation of li-on batteries for industrial electric vehicles and trucks
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Release at CeMAT 2016:

Umka - a new generation of lithium-ion batteries for industrial electric vehicles and trucks

At the exhibition CeMAT 2016 from May 31 to June 3 in Hannover, KBK Europe GmbH introduces for the first time a LTO battery Umka powered by SCiBTM*. The uniqueness of this battery resides in a lithium-titanate compound that has never been used before in this field of technology.

“Umka - a new generation of lithium-ion batteries. Improved specifications will not only extend the scope of application for electric industrial vehicles and trucks, but also provide a serious economic effect due to savings on maintenance costs and energy consumption. A remote monitoring feature that will optimize the process of equipment operation will also contribute to lowering costs, and thus in turn may seriously change the approach to business in this industry”, - noted Sergey Ivanov, CEO of the manufacturer-company.

The new generation of batteries leaves most widespread gel, lead-acid and even lithium-ion accumulators far behind in all key parameters: it has 6 times more resource (20 000 charge/discharge cycles), is 30% more efficient, and charges 30 times faster (20 minutes).

Apart from higher efficiency rates and environmental friendliness, the Umka has a higher level of safety: the explosion & fireproof battery with no emitting gas neither during charging, nor at operation renders supplementary ventilation unnecessary. Recharge is possible at any time without removing the battery.

Umka can be charged at -30°C and used safely for a long time even at low temperatures. This can significantly extend the range of industrial applications and enable the use of the Umka battery in areas with below zero temperatures (refrigerators and cold-storage/freezing warehouses).

Umka is suitable for all types of industrial electric vehicles and can be built with individual parameters without deterioration of the existing quality standards.

Our cost-effective solutions with Umka for individual as well as mass production are particularly interesting for companies involved in production, leasing, or rent and generally speaking for everyone using warehouse electric transport devices.

The battery was developed by the company Drive Electro, specialized in creating batteries for transportation, in partnership with leading equipment manufacturers, such as Toshiba Corporation and Sevcon Limited. The new battery has successfully passed tests of compatibility with loaders of different manufacturers.


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